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tv   BBC World News America Special  WHUT  July 1, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is full for bbc world news america, dominique strauss-kahn as his failed relax as the case against the former imf chief starts to crack. mass protests we through syria as some of the largest protests to date are held against the government. cue the celebration, 590 years old, ominous party of china is out to prove they're still the party to be reckoned with.
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-- the communist party of china is out to prove they're still a force to be reckoned with. as if there was enough and often extraordinary developments in the case of dominique strauss- kahn, today produced another twist. he is freed from house arrest. the terms of his bail for release after prosecutors released doubts about the credibility of the woman who tried -- to accuse him of rape. dominique strauss-kahn for arrived at court. the media reported that the case against him was on the brink of collapse. the former imf chief said that the prosecution itself raised doubts about the woman who tried to rape her. >> the strength of the case has been affected by the substantial credibility issues, we are not
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moving to dismiss the case. >> since the cases now weaker, the judge released mr. strauss- kahn from his district -- strict bail terms. >> we have maintained that he is innocent of these charges this reinforces our conviction that he will be exonerated. >> this all started at this manhattan hotel. and made claimed that -- a maid claimed that mr. strauss-kahn tried to rape her. she now confesses to cling in another room before reporting the attack. prosecutors said that she lied
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about being raped in guinea. for lawyer gave a graphic account of the injuries she sustained. >> the medical evidence supports the victim's account. of the forensic evidence supports the victim's account. she was taken from the hotel and hospital in an ambulance. a grand jury has already found her account credible. >> dominique strauss-kahn was forced to resign as head of the imf of the greek economy was in crisis. his ambition to be a french presidential contender could be revived. it could be the socialist candidate before the deadline expires. >> the people here will have for him greater admiration than
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before because he had shown a great quality of courage and dignity. >> it has been a turbulent six weeks for dominique strauss- kahn. from top finance official inal he was encouraged by the facts against him. >> we are outside the courthouse now in new york. his lawyers have said that he will not be making any statements until he is in france and fully cleared. is that what they expect will happen now? >> they are so -- they are certainly hoping for that. the prosecution, they are the people that try the case. you'd expect the defense to say that the credibility of the made making the accusations is in question but for the prosecutors who are relying on her and brought this case, for them to
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be raising the question publicly, and for many legal experts, they think is a question of time before the most serious charges are dropped. >> why is it that coming out and saying the witnesses are not credible? >> they have to. they're supposed to do a rigorous job of investigating. they have said that this is a credible case. the have discovered a very serious. the prosecution has discovered that she changed her story she. they said that she hid in the hallway and then she ran off to tell her supervisor. then she said that she went to clean the room and she went back to mr. strauss-kahn's room. lying to a grand jury is in
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itself a huge problem. it undermines her credibility. there was a sexual encounter of some time. it is now a case of he said, she said, with the credibility undermined by the people are trying to bring the case. >> that is the latest from new york. this case has totally stunned france. strauss-kahn was expected to run for the presidency. what are they making of the latest news? >> this is a thunderbolt according to a former socialist prime minister. it seems extraordinary that a few weeks ago we were talking about a man who is facing a long custodial sentence and now we're talking about a man who could possibly be the next president of france. some people are wondering how this is even possible. surely, that is far fetched.
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the big guns of the socialist party have that out today in force. we have had the former prime minister say that he could win the presidency if they could get him out of court. we don't know how and when they will free him. this is an extraordinary turn in development. the will put their name forward for next year. i think that most critics who were watching thought it was an uninspiring list of performances. they did not have the killer instinct that dominique strauss- kahn has, the persona, the international standing. if he could be rehabilitated, he is worth the gamble. >> the french public for fear is about the way he was treated
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early on. >> not just with the american justice system but with the way the american media treated it. some of the headlines read, "frog-legs it." many people thought this was some sort of plot to bring down the leading socialist candidate. there are a good many people here who are pleased with the outcome of this and that has been echoed by the socialist party. there are many people are appalled and it is noticeable that many women have come forward and they have been sexually abused or harassed at work. twice as many reported cases. there has been a change in french society. i think that there will still be plenty of people who cannot forget what has happened in this court in manhattan. >> for three months, protesters
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and syria have risked the wrath of their government after friday prayers. today saw one of the largest turnout yet. hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated throughout the countries against the regime of bashar al-assad. human-rights groups say several people were shot dead during these protests. we have our report from damascus. >> supporters across syria, the biggest since demonstrations began in march. these pictures show hundreds of thousands of people in a square. this is the city where 10 dozen people were killed after the regime brutally suppressed the up writing in '92. -- this is a city where 10,000 people were killed. activists say 3 million participated in demonstrations today, a figure that is impossible to verify. what is certain is large-scale
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protests are taking place. these pictures show crowds of demonstrators. similar scenes in aleppo, the country's second city. in the capital, more calls for president bashar al-assad to leave. protests have been mostly peaceful after mounting pressure on the regime to stop using violence against their people. troops opened fire. many people are believed to have been killed. washington says they're not convinced that the regime is convinced about change. -- the regime is serious about change. >> they will allow a political process that will include a peaceful protests to take place
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throughout syria and engage and a productive dialogue with members of the opposition and civil society. they will continue to see increasingly organized resistance. >> there are also many who would like the president to stay and are rallying in his favor. despite that support and promises of change by the government, these scenes show that there might be no way back for the government. among the government, the sense is that bashar all the stock lost time is up. -- bashar al-assad's time is up. >> colonel gaddafi has delivered an address to thousands of supporters in tripoli. he vowed to continue in his role as leader and warns the nato alliance that they would face catastrophe if they don't stop operations. authorities in cuba have
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released more details of their plan to allow people to buy and sell their cars and homes for the first time in 50 years. the new laws will open up the private property market and enable students to practice in the car that can afford. the army in venezuela has dismissed concerns after the president confessed to having cancer surgery. he was getting better and still in charge. the world will get a new country at the end of next week. the republic of south sudan will be found on july 9th after decades of civil war. this is not an auspicious birth. the president of northern sudan said his troops would continue fighting along the disputed border between the two halves of this massive nation. >> this is not what peace was supposed to look like. holon a disputed border, the villagers are fleeing the wrath
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of the north. the fighting has forced tens of thousands to leave their home. >> the reports my government has been receiving are horrifying. >> so recently, there was much hope. in january, southerners stood in line to change history. they voted overwhelmingly and joyfully for independence. the government in the north promised to accept the results under pressure from an american president who wanted to end this brutal civil war. he called the referendum inspiring. in these villages, there is little inspiration left. the north mounted attacks here in the border region. from there, the fighting spread. that is why parent of the area in dispute has oil. in the south becomes independent
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next week, these refineries will fall on their side of the border. the north is not want to let the reserves go. south sudan has suffered decades of civil war. a two million have died. next week, it will finally be independent. will it also be peaceful? what are the prospects for the future? i addressed that question a short time ago to the u.s. envoy to sudan who joined us from the state >> . back in january, the president said that the referendum in south sudan was inspiring. it does not seem very inspiring today, does it? >> it still is because on july 9th i expect the south to become a fully independent country and this is an achievement most of all for the sudanese people and national
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unity. there has been some very serious obstacles along the way but this is still a major achievement. >> the u.s. ambassador recently called what was happening in the border region or find. >> we have had two serious crises in the past few weeks. one was the military takeover in -- second, the fighting going on in the state of -- these are serious matters. the first is under control but the one in the south continues to be of major concern. >> some of the issues have been kicked down the road. what is the international community to do to force them to stick to the referendum? >> well, this not that big of an oil-producing area. each side has important
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constituencies and very strong and emotional attachments which makes the resolution of that problem extremely difficult. still, we expect the african union to put forward a firm proposal on how to resolve this. people who fought in the civil war fought for political autonomy in the north and a greater sense of a quality and access to resources. those issues still remain to be addressed. there is an agreement on the political framework and there is not a cessation of hostilities. >> you convened a meeting of representatives this morning here in washington. do you think that the international community is prepared to fault the government of the north to accept the referendum and except the
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independence of the south and that border region? >> i don't think that we can force it but i think that the international trinity can have a tremendous influence on both parties. the government has to live in the region, the countries around them are deeply concerned. they need to integrate back into the international financial community. the attitude of the european union and ourselves is imported. i think that the international community is role is extremely important. it is up to the leaders to make the tough decisions. they have to do it for their own people. >> let's have your optimism. that as well founded. >> you're welcome. >> you are watching "bbc world news america," still to come.
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the changing face of china. the push to progress comes at a price. now to a british woman who claims her back pain was so bad she could only walk on crutches. she got around $12,000 in disability handouts. authorities were tipped off that it was a scam. >> 12,000 feet, this is clear jones. she told the department of work and pensions that chronic back pain meant she could walk walk more than a few feet without stumbling. -- she could not walk more than a few feet. the truth was very different. as well as sky diving, she worked at a sandwich bar and regularly went to a local gym
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and simple. do you regret what you did? do you regret claiming the money? >> of magistrates were told that the mother of three claimed just over 6,000 pounds in benefits. she was caught after the problem of work and pensions received an anonymous tip off. this video of her charity skydive providing all the evidence investigate is needed. >> she is claiming benefits. she is unable to walk without crutches. she is preparing breakfast for 10 people. but she has also walked quite ably. this is not tolerated. >> she was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison.
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she was ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid work. >> rolling out the red carpet. no color could be more prepared in beijing which held lavish celebrations to mark the anniversary of the communist party. this is the largest and most powerful political party in the world. this is also the second biggest economy. that growth has come at a cost. >> who said that communism is dead? the party was led by chairman mao. other communist regimes have collapsed, tied up's has gone from strength to strength.
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these men in suits might look like a relic but the leaders were congratulating themselves. >> looking at the progress, we have naturally come to the conclusion that success in china and changes on the party. >> there was no mention of mao's disaster, tens of millions who died from famine or prosecution. chairman mao is still at the center of everything. his body still lies in state here. the secret of the parti's success has been the way it has adapted dumping, and his economic ideas and the strict political control and crushing anything that threatens the parties' right to rule. the communist party is presiding over a transformation unlike anything that has been seen.
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longest sea bridge spanning 26 miles and a bullet train line from shanghai to beijing, a hundred miles long. the -- not unnerved by unnerved by the revolutions in the middle east, they are involved in crackdowns that the most severe since 20 years ago. local officials and developers are forcing people to make way for a lucrative new flats, shopping malls. there many here who believe that the party is increasingly corrupt and unaccountable driven only by power and greed. >> we have had no compensation. in january, they're hired goons attacked us. we decided that enough is enough. >> we were lied to, i cheated.
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they said the thugs to beat us. i will go on fighting until my last breath. >> new recruits keep swelling the ranks. they have 80 million members and rising. that is no surprise, really. this was a repeat this success and they have eliminated all of their rivals. >> it now to red carpet celebrations, a very different kind in canada where the duke and duchess of cambridge are on their first official trip overseas as a married couple. tens of thousands of people lined the route just to get a glimpse of them. >> they are young and glamorous. being a successful oil needs
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more. this will lift them beyond celebrity. william and kate are arrived at the annual canada day celebrations in a horse-drawn carriage. as the queen's representative in canada, they mounted the podium. the crowd shouted, for a will and kate. they made their way to the stage. kate was wearing the national colors of red and white. the prime minister congratulated them on their marriage. the crowd cheered, the dignitaries clapped, and that the couple looked happy. they looked a little bewildered. when the cheering stopped, it was time for willing to try out his french again.
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>> [speaking french] >> canada might not be interested in the prospect of other speeches. this is a pretty partial and pro market crowd. that is what much of canada is and they seem to like the look of the royal family's newest couple. today would have been the 50th press day of william's mother. he might be reassured that he and his wife are showing how well to can reach out to people. >> happy canada day. that brings us to the end of today's broadcast. you can find constant updates on our website. you can reach me on twitter. from all of us here, thank you for watching. have a great weekend.
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